No one will ever be as entertained by us as you !


​​​​​About MisMatch, Carol
I  am proud to say I started entertaining in 1984 when I joined a volunteer clown group called L.I.K.E  ( Long Island Klown Enthusiastic ). 

I  really loved working with my fellow volunteers, helping others, and meeting new friends. I decided to pursue clowning professionally 7 years later.

I love Entertaining! 

I have the privilege of meeting new people (like you), use my creativity to make my own magic, learn new balloons,

and best of all I make people laugh and feel good about themselves.


I can provide your guest with a MAGIC SHOW and or BALLOON TWISTING GALORE !

I love having everyone be a part of my shows and balloon twisting fun so,I encourage your guests to get involved and twist their own balloons creations along with me. 

My goal at each party is to get the kids INVOLVED and to FEEL GOOD about themselves.  

When not performing, I am a wife, a mother of 3, and a grandmother of 2 little girls who call me CC.

I work full time as a teachers assistant for children with special needs. I am active in 2 magic groups and a balloon club.  

We are proud of the fact that because of our business we started  an organization to honor and support our Veterans

and give back to our community with the help of our customers. 

 I am proud to say that I was given the citizenship award from the Levittown American Legion March 2011 and the member of the year

from the Mystics magic club June  2011. 

We are featured magicians for the month of March 2017 Magic Classrooms web site.

 Long Island clowns MisMatch & YooHoo, balloon twisters and magicians                                                                                                                         

About YooHoo, Garrett        
   To my delight! my son Garrett ( YooHoo ) started performing with me at the age of 10.

He entertained as an clown assistant, performing circus skits and creating balloons with me.

When he got his license He started doing his own clown parties and events,entertaining everyone throughout Long Island, with his great balloon creations and fun banter.

After working as a case manager at an adult facility for many years he went on to pursue his dream of owning his own business, Venchenizos pizza in levittown

 Garrett attends balloon jams and conventions when possibly.

 Just think of all the fun and extra excitement this can bring to your party or event. 
 We can perform a show with funny interactive kids magic routines and comedy clown circus skits. 
​Whether we are entertaining with our magic show or balloon twisting creations, our silly antics and get to know you patter, 

will find the funny bone in everyone and have them giggling.


                                  *We can include, Dancing,Tattoos and Games *                                           

     We caentertain at...
Children's parties, holiday celebration, nursing homes, assisted living, libraries, picnics, corporate events, family reunions, weddings,

grand openings, nurseries, Camps, scout meetings, corporate events.
   In other words....
Wherever you would like to bring some extra fun and smiles to someone's day, we can be there! 

Let us give your kids the chance to be creative in a whole new way!

​Balloon workshops

We will teach you simple balloon twisting techniques and then encouraged everyone to use your new skills

to go free style and invent their own eye-popping creations resulting in an explosion of colors and creativity. 

Magic Workshops

Enjoy a fun interactive magic show and learn the secrets to all these simply magic tricks. You will then become an instant magician by making your

very own magic trick to take home and entertain all your friends and family will Enjoy a fun interactive magic show and learn the secrets to all these simply magic tricks.

You will then become an instant magician by making your very own magic trick to take home and entertain all your friends and family with.

Grand Opening or Store Anniversary

We offer balloon twisting, magic and face painting. All geared to bring attention to the opening of your business.

                        Having a performer on location to entertain your customers is the perfect way to show you appreciate them and make them Repeat customers.                                                                   

Company or Family Pic-Nics/Reunion

Choose US to entertain the younger crowd and we will bring a fun day of balloons,magic,face painting and lots of interaction with the kids and adults too.

                                                                      Making your event a great day for everyone.                                                                   

Restaurant Attraction 

By having Us perform our Magic, Jokes and Balloon Creations, you are providing your loyal customers with a source of entertainment that will let them know you appreciate them. Let us be part of your fun and act as your Goodwill Ambassadors today.​​​​

Delight Your guest and create happy memories with our children's entertainment!


 " The More You Give Love Away, The More You Get ” W. Buffet

Making kids laugh since 1984 

Long Island clowns mismatch & yoohoo balloon twister, long island clowns MisMatch & Yoohoo magical clowns,balloon twister in levittown 

Check out this article about us and our friends in Newsday act 2,4/13

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MisMatch & YooHoo



We are long islands children's entertainers in levittown & Great Neck,Proud to honor our veterans on long island levittown Proud to honor long island veterans in Great Neck We are Long Island Children's entertainers in Long Beach


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